Scott Schupbach

Software Engineer

Full-stack, frontend



phone: (512) 638-7024

Downloadable/Printable Resume

Work History

Software Engineer - Enablement Team Lead

Amount; split from Avant in 2019 (July 2017-present)

  • Overhauled large portions of AngularJS app to improve platform scalability and stability
  • Transitioned core app from Bootstrap to internal CSS library and custom AngularJS components
  • Created road map for migration of core app from AngularJS to React/Typescript/GraphQL
  • Implemented Angular to React proof of concept; obtained buy-in from core Frontend leadership
  • Brought all customer- and business-facing UIs into WCAG compliance (currently in-progress)

Sr. Software Engineer and Front End Lead, Analytics Platform

Aspera, an IBM Company (July 2015-July 2017)

  • Architected a new analytics platform consisting of an Angular/D3 user interface, a Go/Glow big data processing component, an autoscaling Redis cluster, and a Rails API server
  • Designed and implemented the Rails API server that feeds the Angular front end, queues background jobs for the Go back end, and utilizes a custom ORM and query language to retrieve schematized data stored in Redis
  • Built all Angular modules pertaining to layout, site navigation, and basic UI, guided by a desire for an intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing UX
  • Led the office in Legos displayed on desk and decorations put up at Christmastime

Owner, Web Developer

Denali Adventure Tours (Summers 2010-2015)

  • Built tour reservation system with PHP and MySQL, including sales report generation and dashboard, as well as a user-facing tour information page
  • Automated online reservations to decrease daily workload and increase off-season sales

Teaching Assistant in Linguistics and ESL

University of California, Santa Barbara (September 2013-December 2014)

University of Montana (August 2011-May 2013)

  • Led 30 to 60 students each quarter/semester in in-depth discussion and practical application of course material
  • Researched, designed, and implemented curricula for four EASL (English as an Academic Second Language) courses for undergraduate international students with sub-par English proficiency
  • Received excellent end-of-course evaluations from all classes


Parallax Scroll

jQuery plugin (used on this page)

Creates a two-tiered scroll with html content and a background image.

  • A straightforward jQuery plugin with a simple yet flexible API

Translator Missing In (work in progress)

Ruby, GoogleTranslate API, Chatterbot

It's like a bunch of bad translators playing the game Telephone

  • Wrapped Google Translate API in stand-alone Ruby module adding methods for creating translation chains
  • Next steps include finishing the Twitter bot to listen for tweets and respond with the result of processing the original message

Treeify (work in progress)

Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Create an interactive, recursive index for easy exploration of any directory

  • Written in plain Ruby with a simple CLI
  • App builds dynamic index pages with both a tree-view and a document-view for interacting with the directory contents
  • Next steps include adding a few smaller features and bug fixes, refactoring, and packaging as a gem

Grid Monkey

CSS/jQuery widget

Creates a nested grid structure for focusing DOM elements - originally designed for use in an analytics platform GUI

  • This is a first attempt at creating an app with a desktop-like feel, complete with zooming/scaling capabilities for focusing individual elements or groups of elements
  • Utilizes jQuery to toggle CSS classes containing the transform: scale() property

Volunteer Work

Midwest Access Coalition

Tech volunteer (January 2018-present)

  • Added “Quick Exit” and browser history override features to help ensure client privacy and safety
  • Core contributor on redesign of the organization’s primary informational site built with Jekyll
  • Assisted in Netlify integration, enabling non-technical org leadership to maintain site content
  • Delivered key UI features/bugfixes for open source funds management and accounting app


TA, Teacher, Event Organizer, Open-source contributor (May 2015-June 2017, January-February 2020)

  • Wrote algorithm for predicting number of event attendees based on prior attendance
  • Taught students foundational concepts of Ruby on Rails apps and frontend design
  • Planned, organized, and ran several events at various locations around SF Bay Area/Chicago


Ruby on Rails Bootcamp App Academy Logo

App Academy (February - May 2015)

  • Immersive software development course with focus on full-stack web development, DRY coding, test- and behavior-driven development, agile, and scrum methodologies
  • Strong emphasis on code quality and design patterns, engrained through pair-programming increasingly larger projects
  • Highly selective with consistently strong outcomes for students who complete the program

Coursework toward a PhD Linguistics UC Santa Barbara Logo

University of California, Santa Barbara (2013-2014)

  • Investigated issues related to language complexity within an Information Theoretical framework using Python and R to parse and analyze linguistic data and visualize the results (link to working paper)
  • Co-founding member of Wugbot, an extracurricular student group devoted to exploring computational approaches to solving linguistic problems
  • Left program to pursue a career in web development

MA Linguistics (GPA 4.0) University of Montana

University of Montana (2011-2013)

  • MA Thesis: "The Blackfoot demonstrative system: function, form, and meaning" (link to thesis)
  • Earned student research conference Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Performance

BA Classics (GPA 3.97) Grand Valley State University logo

Grand Valley State University (2008-2010)

  • Received The Department Award in 2010-11 (highest departmental award given to one student each year)
  • Awarded The Sophia Prize for Accomplishment in Classical Languages in 2009-10 for academic excellence in Greek and Latin
  • Earned award for Distinction in First-year Latin in 2008-09 (out of approx. 50 students)

Relevant Skills


  • Ruby (Rails)
  • JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery, React, TypeScript, Webpack)
  • HTML5 (Jade, HAML, ERB)
  • CSS3 (SASS, Stylus)
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite)
  • Redis
  • Git


  • Python
  • RSpec
  • Jest
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • Backbone.js
  • Unix shell (bash, zsh)
  • R
  • PHP
  • Docker
  • Jasmine