Shannon Scott Schupbach

Software Engineer

Frontend, full-stack

Chicago, IL


phone: (512) 638-7024

Downloadable/Printable Resume

Work History

Sr. Software Engineer

Optum Digital part of UnitedHealth Group; formerly Rally Health (August 2020-April 2023)

  • Migrated from AngularJS to React the administrative app UI used for configuring targeted content across the entire org
  • Built new admin app UI for managing customer tags used to focus targeted content across the org
  • Improved and maintained automated Jenkins deploy pipelines
  • Led initiative to standardize and enforce coding style and best practices across the team’s three UI apps

Software Engineer - Enablement Team Lead

Amount; split from Avant in 2019 (July 2017-August 2020)

  • Overhauled large portions of AngularJS app to improve platform scalability and stability
  • Transitioned core app from Bootstrap to internal CSS library and custom AngularJS components
  • Created road map for migration of core app from AngularJS to React/Typescript/GraphQL
  • Implemented Angular to React proof of concept; obtained buy-in from core Frontend leadership
  • Brought all customer- and business-facing UIs into WCAG compliance

Sr. Software Engineer and Front End Lead, Analytics Platform

Aspera, an IBM Company (July 2015-July 2017)

  • Architected a new analytics platform consisting of an Angular/D3 user interface, a Go/Glow big data processing component, an autoscaling Redis cluster, and a Rails API server
  • Designed and implemented the Rails API server that feeds the Angular front end, queues background jobs for the Go back end, and utilizes a custom ORM and query language to retrieve schematized data stored in Redis
  • Built all Angular modules pertaining to layout, site navigation, and basic UI, guided by a desire for an intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing UX
  • Led the office in Legos displayed on desk and decorations put up at Christmastime

Owner, Web Developer

Denali Adventure Tours (Summers 2010-2015)

  • Built tour reservation system with PHP and MySQL, including sales report generation and dashboard, as well as a user-facing tour information page
  • Automated online reservations to decrease daily workload and increase off-season sales

Teaching Assistant in Linguistics and ESL

University of California, Santa Barbara (September 2013-December 2014)

University of Montana (August 2011-May 2013)

  • Led 30 to 60 students each quarter/semester in in-depth discussion and practical application of course material
  • Researched, designed, and implemented curricula for four EASL (English as an Academic Second Language) courses for undergraduate international students with sub-par English proficiency
  • Received excellent end-of-course evaluations from all classes


Parallax Scroll

jQuery plugin (used on this page)

Creates a two-tiered scroll with html content and a background image.

  • A straightforward jQuery plugin with a simple yet flexible API

Treeify (work in progress)

Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Create an interactive, recursive index for easy exploration of any directory

  • Written in plain Ruby with a simple CLI
  • App builds dynamic index pages with both a tree-view and a document-view for interacting with the directory contents
  • Next steps include adding a few smaller features and bug fixes, refactoring, and packaging as a gem

Volunteer Work

Midwest Access Coalition

Tech volunteer (January 2018-May 2021)

  • Added “Quick Exit” and browser history override features to main site to help ensure client privacy and safety
  • Core contributor on redesign of the organization’s primary informational site built with Jekyll
  • Assisted in Netlify integration, enabling non-technical org leadership to maintain site content
  • Delivered key UI features/bugfixes for "Lockbox", a funds management and accounting app


TA, Teacher, Event Organizer, Open-source contributor (May 2015-June 2017, January-February 2020)

  • Wrote algorithm for predicting number of event attendees based on prior attendance
  • Taught students foundational concepts of Ruby on Rails apps and frontend design
  • Planned, organized, and ran several events at various locations around SF Bay Area/Chicago


Ruby on Rails Bootcamp App Academy Logo

App Academy (February - May 2015)

  • Immersive software development course with focus on full-stack web development, DRY coding, test- and behavior-driven development, agile, and scrum methodologies
  • Strong emphasis on code quality and design patterns, engrained through pair-programming increasingly larger projects
  • Highly selective with consistently strong outcomes for students who complete the program

Coursework toward a PhD Linguistics UC Santa Barbara Logo

University of California, Santa Barbara (2013-2014)

  • Investigated issues related to language complexity within an Information Theoretical framework using Python and R to parse and analyze linguistic data and visualize the results (link to working paper)
  • Co-founding member of Wugbot, an extracurricular student group devoted to exploring computational approaches to solving linguistic problems
  • Left program to pursue a career in web development

MA Linguistics (GPA 4.0) University of Montana

University of Montana (2011-2013)

  • MA Thesis: "The Blackfoot demonstrative system: function, form, and meaning" (link to thesis)
  • Earned student research conference Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Performance

BA Classics (GPA 3.97) Grand Valley State University logo

Grand Valley State University (2008-2010)

  • Received The Department Award in 2010-11 (highest departmental award given to one student each year)
  • Awarded The Sophia Prize for Accomplishment in Classical Languages in 2009-10 for academic excellence in Greek and Latin
  • Earned award for Distinction in First-year Latin in 2008-09 (out of approx. 50 students)

Relevant Skills


  • Ruby (Rails)
  • JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery, React, TypeScript, Webpack)
  • HTML5 (Jade, HAML, ERB)
  • CSS3 (SASS, Stylus)
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite)
  • Redis
  • Git


  • Python
  • RSpec
  • Jest
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • Backbone.js
  • Unix shell (bash, zsh)
  • R
  • PHP
  • Docker
  • Jasmine